“I knew I needed to be more active and wanted to see if working out with other people would be more fun/engaging for me than the typical “I should go for a run.” mentality. Health and fitness before the gym was super inconsistent. I’d get bursts of motivation to go running or cut out gluten/dairy/sugar for periods of time but struggled to maintain motivation/consistency. I’d “train” and run a 5k then be done for a while.

“I was a bit freaked out to start lifting, etc. knowing I’d herniated my L5 disc a handful of years ago. Strengthening my lower back I’d say is my biggest long term achievement so far. Now I love Deadlifting and Back squats.

“I love the “everybody is awesome” atmosphere. Whether it’s your 1st day/week or your 1st year, the encouragement about where you’re at is empowering. If you’re thinking about trying it out, my life coach training would have me asking “What holds you back?”. :) I’d also say.. ” It’s still my favorite decision of the past year. Come try it and go from there. “

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