What will my first visit be like?

We want you to feel comfortable the moment you walk through our doors. One of our awesome coaches will give you a tour of the gym, sit down with you and talk about your goals, run through a few exercises for a quick fitness assessment, and then talk about what you can expect and how things work. Contact us now to get started!

How often do you recommend I come to the gym?

If you’re just starting up, we recommend coming three days/week for your first several weeks, then build to four, then five. Once you’re up to five days per week, we recommend keeping two days per week for recovery. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to the gym though…you can do active recovery or mobility work.

I’m not in very good shape… can I do this?

The very first thing you will discover is that we do not judge or discriminate. Whether you are young at heart, or have just completed your 50th marathon, or are recovering from injury or healing a broken heart, whether walking the dog is the only exercise you’ve had in years…we will help you achieve your fitness goals.

One of the things that makes us so unique is our community of people from literally every walk of life: stay-at-home parents, nurses, former athletes, students, CEOs, members of the armed services, firefighters, you name it. Our bodies come in every imaginable size, shape and age; and yet, our workouts every day are designed to be scale-able for anyone to do them. Yes, anyone.

What are your workouts like?

All workouts are approx 45-60 minutes long and include a warm-up, a strength/skill focused segment, and a MetCon workout (a mix of high intensity cardio and weights). We have two program tracks to choose from, both with a monthly focus.

The FHIIT track uses dumbbells and kettle-bells for strength and is a bit more entry level…but will still kick your butt. Our NCX track introduces the barbell, Olympic lifting, and other higher level skills. No matter the workout though, our goal is to help you feel comfortable and make the workout work for you.

Train today. Prepare for tomorrow.

Everyone’s fitness journey is a little different, but no matter where you start – we have your back from day 1!